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Financial Advisors: Robo or Real?

<p>So my friend <a href="">Kate</a> had posted <a href="">this article</a> that argues “robo-advisors” like <a href="">Betterment</a> or <a href="">Wealthfront</a> are bad places to put your money, and real flesh & blood financial advisors can never be replaced. So I wanted to share my data with you and get your thoughts.</p><p>Here’s my allocation right now*. It’s not optimal, it’s just where I ended up without planning. Mostly Betterment but some 401k and one old IRA:</p><p>Cash: 35.88% (0 fees, natch)<br/>Large Cap Value: 16.55% (0.46% fees)<br/>International Stocks: 15.78% (0.47% fees)<br/>Fixed Income: 13.91% (0.25% fees)<br/>Large Cap Growth: 13.86% (0.76% fees)<br/>Small / Mid Cap Value: 4.02% (0.25% fees)<br/>Total fees: 0.48% (excluding cash)<br/><br/>Here’s what a professional financial planner recommended to us:<br/><br/>Cash: 30.77%<br/>Large Cap Growth: 16.54% (1.51% fees)<br/>Large Cap Value: 14.40% (1.46% fees)<br/>Fixed Income: 13.91% (0.40% fees)<br/>International Stocks: 13.06% (1.08% fees)<br/>Small / Mid Cap Value: 11.32% (2.34% fees)<br/>Total fees: 1.33% (excluding cash)<br/><br/>I’m 31, in a committed relationship, no kids yet (but soon enough), no house / apartment yet (but one day).<br/><br/>So the question is two-fold:</p><p>1. Can the advisor give me better returns than Betterment, to such a degree as to offset the much higher fees?</p><p>2. Can the advisor give me advice that cannot be replaced by other means, whose financial outcomes offset the higher fees?</p><p>For those of you who have experience, would love to here what you think.</p><p><br/>*I didn’t include my vested stock options because it’s too unusual and hard to value. The only impact is that I don’t otherwise have “small / mid cap growth” allocations.</p>

When someone new follows you

<p><a href="" class="tumblr_blog">anniehinton</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>and you click through to look at their tumblr it’s always like 4 posts about regular stuff, GIFs of TV shows or a pretty picture of a galaxy or something, and then the fifth post is ALWAYS a porn GIF. Every time.</p></blockquote> <p>I have a suspicion that tumblr’s growth has stopped if not gone negative.</p>


<p><a href="" class="tumblr_blog">daryn</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>When I was in my early-20s, I remember thinking, “I’m going to buy myself a nice watch when I turn 25.” Well, 25 became 30, and 30 became 35, and I don’t really see it happening when I turn 40 next year either. Truth is, as much as I admire the beauty and craftsmanship of a classic Omega or Rolex or Tag, I’ve never found wearing something around my wrist all day very comfortable, and I don’t dress up enough to otherwise warrant such a extravagance. And with no functional need for another time-telling device, I found myself a few months back <a href="">tweet</a>ing that ”<i>I’ll start wearing a watch when they strap one to my cold dead wrist.</i>"  Well, call me a liar, because for the past week or so I’ve been sporting a big ol’ <a href="">Fitbit Surge</a> on my left wrist, and it’s telling me that my heart is still chugging along right now at 60 bpm. </p><p><b>Why the change of heart?</b> To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have bought one if I had to pay for it. I’ve always been intrigued with these sorts of devices, but had lost two of the original fitbits, and broke a Nike fuelband, so had written them off as not for me. Then, recently, one of our kind investors, who is also an investor in Fitbit, gave us each an option to let him buy us one, so I thought I’d give it one more go. </p><p><b>What do I think? </b>The first few days I was wearing it, I was really skeptical. It was big, made my wrist sore, and even gave me a little skin irritation. It was a novelty. But then I started getting hooked on the health metrics like I have several times before. The visibility into my numbers, from steps walked and stairs climbed to heart rate and sleeping patterns, far outweighed the less than ideal-feeling form factor. I started walking to and from work more often rather than taking the bus. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I still sleep like crap, but at least now I have visibility into when I actually sleep better or worse. I also started playing with the other features of the watch, from music control (meh) to silent alarms (awesome). I get text messages popping up, which usually is overkill since I get a buzz in the jeans at the same time (and a popup on my computer screen if I’m at my desk), but it’s nice if we’re at a meal and I just want to take a quick glance at who’s trying to reach me without having to pull out my phone. I could see calendar notifications being really handy. And I went from thinking the Apple watch was less than exciting to thinking that maybe I could get over not having bare wrists. </p><p><b>Will I get an Apple watch?</b> No, at least not the first-gen. For starters, because I have the Surge. Also, I’m not sure what I really want or expect from it. All of the above features are nice add-ons to a health tracking device, but what is the one core thing I’m going to want an Apple Watch to do? I don’t know. I do know it’s not tell time, just like my iPhone’s number one duty is not to make phone calls. </p><p>I’m curious to see what happens. When I think back to the first iPhone, there were so many naysayers. “No physical keyboard.”, “No copy and paste.”, “It’s such an odd form-factor compared to my RAZR”, etc. I love my Blackberrys. If you think of the Apple watch as a better watch, my guess is you’re going to be disappointed. While the Microsoft Band hasn’t been terrible impressive, I think they were right to treat it as something entirely new rather than the next generation of a legacy single-purpose device. I guess we’ll see next week!</p></blockquote> <p>I admit I kinda want one though the PM in me is very skeptical about a product that does a bunch of things but lacks a killer app.</p>
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Customer Reviews

Emily U.
Absolutely the best.  My boyfriend and I went here for dinner one night, and it was enough calories for three days, but so worth it.  The pastrami sandwich melted in my mouth and the fries weren't bad either.  My boyfriend had the reuben with all the fixings and loved it.  The sandwiches were MASSIVE and we didn't have a bite left.  I can't wait to go back!!  Plus the history of it is fun.  The owner just did an interview about how the NY deli is a dying breed, so get it while you can.

via Katz's Delicatessen

Elite '11
I ordered my pastrami on rye and I just watched as the dude at the counter chop into a huge slab of meat.  I don't know about you, but tender, juicy meat that falls part at the bone never ceases to excite me.What I love about the pastrami is that it is absolutely perfect.  It has potent spice, it's juicy, and the meat is cut thick.  What you get is a simple sandwich with meat that just disintegrates in your mouth.They take this perfect meat and they drop it into rye bread and mustard and they serve it with a side of pickles.  If you want to dissect perfection for the sake of comparing it to other places, then these accompanying elements are where others' can gain ground.  If I were to choose my top spot for pastrami, I'd still choose Langers in Los Angeles over this place because of Langer's twice baked rye and their coleslaw.  These elements perfectly accent the bread and meat.  Katz has the perfect meat, but Langer's better assimilates the ingredients into a collective sandwich.But don't get me wrong....Katz is an amazing sandwich with arguably the best-cured pastrami anywhere on the planet.  I'd definitely go back when I visit NYC.  It's definitely worth a visit.

via Katz's Delicatessen

Steve D.
Believe the hype, I can honestly say that this was the best pastrami sandwich I've ever eaten. Smokey, tender, and packed full of flavor. The sandwich itself gets a 5-star rating (very rare from me), because it literally redefined what I now think a pastrami sandwich should taste like (the singular criteria for a 5 star rating in my books). Because the merits of this place have been so well covered by others, maybe I'll focus on why it didn't get a 5 star rating overall:1) Damn, that's one expensive sandwich.2) The pickles that they served were under-pickled and lacking real flavor, essentially amounting to slightly vinegared baby cucumbers. Is it overly picky to deduct a star for pickles? Probably. But, given that fresh pickles are an important staple of any deli, and given the ridiculously high standards that a 5-star recommendation should demand, I feel as if this is warranted.3) The fries (and other sides) are an afterthought. Total lack of seasoning and could have easily come out of a bag from the frozen food aisle. The only redeeming thing in this regard however, is that the sandwich is so filling no sides are even necessary.Overall, this place is absolutely worth checking out if you're in the city. A  NYC legend for a reason.

via Katz's Delicatessen